Welcome Robertsville Baptist Church!

From our beginning days the spirit of Christ has provoked a desire among us to live with the same Christ-like spirit towards one another, our neighbors, and the world. Robertsville Baptist Church has been a strong, missions-minded congregation in Oak Ridge and throughout East TN since May 1946. It is our history that has helped to develop the foundational roots of our church and encourage us to continue living out our faith daily.

On Sunday mornings we come together in a comfortable style of worship with a variety of music from praise songs to hymns, mixing the joy of celebration and the quiet of reverence. Our worship services blend both contemporary and traditional worship elements and we consider this time to be truly multi-generational. Come in jeans or your best suit—you will fit right in either way.

What To Expect
Robertsville is a place where guests become family.

We want to Connect with You

First things first - before you visit - download our app!  (You'll get helpful messages from various ministry groups that you choose to add.)  If you want more information about membership, baptism, Jesus or finding a ministry role please fill out a Connect Card.  We would love to hear from you!

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