We are Robertsville Baptist Church. We are a community of faith who believe in the power of God’s grace in our lives. We desire to live purpose-filled lives that impact our community and our world, and we know that the key to doing so is through Jesus.


From our beginning days the spirit of Christ has provoked a desire among us to live with the same Christ-like spirit towards one another, our neighbors, and the world. Robertsville Baptist Church has been a strong, missions-minded congregation in Oak Ridge and throughout East TN since May 1946. It is our history that has helped to develop the foundational roots of our church and encourage us to continue living out our faith daily.


We worship and serve together with that same spirit, energy, and motivation that gave birth to our church so long ago. We are proud to say that our church can be described as a warm and welcoming place for all people regardless of age, economic status, or ethnicity. God calls us to come together as the “Family of God” and at Robertsville that’s just what we do—to be motivated and challenged, to be inspired and to inspire and most importantly to worship Christ.


251 Robertsville Rd.

Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Phone: (865) 483-1316

Fax: (865) 483-1317



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